Guidelines To Find Free Catalytic Converter Scrap Value By Serial Number

How do we determine the free catalytic converter scrap value by serial number? Utilizing a mobile application or a web program accessible online is the most effective method for determining the amount of money your catalytic converters are worth as scrap based on their serial numbers. The ConverterDatabase and the Eco Cat databases are two of the most often used resources for determining the value of scrap metal.

This article will reveal how to determine free catalytic converter scrap value by serial number installed in your vehicle. In addition, we go through the catalytic converters considered to be the most valuable. 

When Were Catalytic Converters Invented?

The history of the catalytic converter may be traced back to the latter half of the 19th century in France when the prototype was created. In the middle of the 1950s, a French mechanical engineer named Eugene Houdry was awarded a patent for his work on developing catalytic converters for gasoline engines based on his study.

Free Catalytic Converter Scrap Value By Serial Number

Concerned about the contribution that smokestacks and automotive exhaust were making to the air pollution problem, Houdry came up with the idea for the catalytic converter. After reviewing the findings of research conducted in Los Angeles, he began developing converters for smokestacks.

After the emissions control requirements were implemented in the early 1960s, considerable research and development were conducted on catalytic converters. The Engelhard Corporation developed the first mass-produced catalytic converter in 1973, although widespread use of the component did not begin until around 1975.

Where Can I Get A Complete Scrap Catalytic Converter Database?

Online databases may provide an approximate estimate of catalytic converter value. Smaller locations estimate based on converter photos.

1. YS Catalytic Recycling

YS Catalytic Recycling Catalytic Recycling, LLC is recognized as one of the most significant purchasers of catalytic converters in the New York state region.

The prices shown in the table below represent their most recent offer; nevertheless, these prices may shift based on the availability and price of the raw materials.

2. Ecotrade Group

The Eco trade Group’s converter costs are not as transparent as those of other companies, but they are happy to supply you with a quotation on any converter so long as you first sign up for a free account on their website.

You will be able to estimate the worth of your converter via its internet catalog by basing it on the amount of precious material it contains. Then, when you have decided to sell your converter, you can arrange a home pick-up with DHL and have it transported directly from your residence.

The last stage is being paid, which occurs after the delivery has been made and evaluated, often within three business days after the delivery has been made.

3. RR Cats

The second business that we will investigate is called RR Cats, and it is a business that provides a quick and straightforward option to sell a junk catalytic converter.

You may better understand what you have by looking at the photographs provided for each model on their website. In addition, they have a mobile app for your phone that analyses a picture of your cat converter and provides you with a price estimate.

Because you will not be charged for shipping costs associated with the buyout, you must pack up your kitty converter and send it to them. They have locations in New Jersey and the surrounding region in the Tri-State area.

Which Catalytic Converters Bring The Highest Scrap Price?

Exotic automobiles command the most excellent prices because, on average, they are composed of the most significant proportion of precious metals and are attractive even when broken down into their component pieces.

Free Catalytic Converter Scrap Value By Serial Number

Regarding standard passenger cars, the Toyota Land Cruiser and the Prius are at the top of the class. The Prius is a unique breed with two converters on a small-sized engine, which may bring in a substantial amount of money when sold collectively. In contrast, the cat converters on the Land Cruiser are enormous.

How Do Catalytic Converters Work?

A chamber known as a catalyst is used in a device known as a catalytic converter, which converts the toxic substances produced by an engine’s exhaust into harmless gases such as steam.

It does this by separating the potentially hazardous molecules that are included in the exhaust gases produced by a vehicle before those gases are discharged into the atmosphere.

Because the housing has no moving elements, the fundamental idea behind how the catalytic converter works is deceptively simple. The only things essential for the chemical transformation to take place are high temperatures and the presence of exhaust fumes.

The catalytic converter inside comprises two honeycomb meshes, one coated in platinum and rhodium and the other in platinum and palladium.

The exhaust gases include a variety of carbon-hydrogen compounds as well as carbon oxides (CO2 and CO), nitrogen oxides (NO2 and NO), and other oxides of nitrogen and oxygen (CxHx).

When these components reach the catalytic converter, the heat and the first honeycomb mesh will break the chemical bonds, forming nitrogen dioxide, oxygen, carbon monoxide, water, and carbonic acid. This operation is referred to as a reduction.

The double honeycomb mesh plays a role in oxidation, producing N2, O2, CO2, and H2O. As a result, these molecules are far safer than they were in their initial condition. Because it has an efficiency rate higher than 90 percent, a three-way catalytic converter is particularly significant for reducing emissions.

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How To Prevent The Theft Of Catalytic Converters

Thefts will attack the work with an angle grinder regardless of whether the housing is reinforced with steel bars or chains, so it won’t make much difference if you try to keep it safe. 

Because of their high value and the fact that they are straightforward to steal, catalytic converters are, unfortunately, frequent targets of thieves.

The thief would need to get past the locked doors and disarm the alarm to steal the audio or navigation system, but the catalytic converter does not have any security features. 

Free Catalytic Converter Scrap Value By Serial Number

Here are the following suggestions to assist you in preventing the theft of the catalytic converter from your vehicle:

  • Find out whether the vehicle you drive is likely to be targeted: hybrids, SUVs, and trucks often feature catalytic converters that are either valuable or readily removed. 
  • Suppose you engrave your vehicle identification number (VIN) or license plate number into your catalytic converter. In that case, you may increase the likelihood that a scrap dealer would realize it was stolen and get it returned to its rightful owner.
  • You should park in well-lit places near public exits and shift your vehicle’s position often or utilize a garage.
  • Put in a device that prevents stealing.
  • Put some lights on when there’s motion and some cameras in your parking lot.
  • You may discourage potential buyers by painting your catalytic converter – Even free programs for painting are offered by several local police forces.
  • A car alarm that has been finely adjusted will activate when there is even the slightest touch or elevation on one side of the vehicle.
  • The last thing you can do is etch your license plate into the converter. It is sufficient if it is substantial, regardless of how effectively it is executed. Suppose the thief were to steal your converter; to conceal the etching, they would have to grind down the whole portion, raising a red signal at the recycling facility.

The first step in protecting your vehicle from having its catalytic converter stolen is to become aware of the situations in which such theft may occur. Taking all of these preventative steps will lessen the likelihood that thieves will target your vehicle.

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1. How do I find out how much my catalytic converter is worth? has web-based software. Encode the catalytic converter’s serial number or describe it to get the needed information. This database covers platinum, palladium, and rhodium prices.

2. What are the best catalytic converters to scrap?

The best catalytic converters to scrap are:

  • Ferrari F430 (4,500 $ per catalytic converter)
  • Lamborghini Aventador (3,700 $ per catalytic converter)
  • Dodge Ram 2500 ($4,100)
  • Ford F250 (3,300 $)
  • Ford Mustang (1,800 $)

3. What if there are no numbers on a catalytic converter?

If the number or numbers on the catalytic converter are removed, this constitutes “tampering” in the eyes of the law and inevitably results in the inspection being failed.

In addition, if the CAT numbers are not visible, a smog expert will not be able to check whether or not the catalytic converter is suitable for your vehicle.

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