Ernest Hemingway is a contributor at The carartz. He writes, researches, and produces off-kilter, less-traveled car content, usually about weird or a bit unloved cars from not so long ago. He lives in Columbus, Ohio. Alone. By himself. No spouse. No animals. He is allergic to most domestic animals.

  • Expertise and interests include cheap subcompact cars, how to maintain them on a budget, and how to buy and sell hoopties with confidence. He’s heavy into sketching, 3D computer modeling, and the intersection of culture and cars.
  • Enjoys writing getting absolutely mired in the strangest, most obscure car knowledge
  • Previous work experience: Freelance articles at Jalopnik, Ohio Center for Investigative Journalism, Ohio Capital-Journal

Hemingway started in late 2020 as a contributor for Car Bibles. Since his start, he’s written multiple articles on how to buy, sell, and recondition vehicles on a budget (Flippin’ Out), analyzed electric vehicle infrastructure in the Midwest, and might’ve gotten into a little tussle with Mary Kay Cosmetics.


Hemingway graduated from The Ohio State University, with a bachelor of fine arts in Art & Technology, with a minor in Design.


“My mom told me to never buy a car older than yourself. Was this wise? I don’t know. It for sure affected how I look at cars, though.

Isabella Emma

Isabella Emma is a contributor at the Carartz. she knows everything about blog posting and blog posts won’t attract many visitors or generate much revenue. she writes all about car technology features, interior amenities, and more