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Arby’s launched a new ad campaign offering actor and comedian H. Jon Benjamin, well known for voicing Sterling Archer in the animated sitcom Archer. It also features a new tagline: “Arby’s. We Have The Meats … for Sandwiches.”

Benjamin plays Arby’s official Head of Sandwiches, whose mission is to communicate the surprising number of big meaty sandwiches on Arby’s menu. There are many those who still consider Arby’s as a roast beef-only destination, and Arby’s Head of Sandwiches has arrived to shed some light on the brand’s 17 other sandwiches, the company said.

Arby’s announced the conclusion of their nationwide conversion to Coca-Cola beverages, bringing together one of the world’s most iconic beverage companies and the world’s second-largest sandwich restaurant brand. Arby’s drink fountains now offer Coca-Cola, Coke Zero Sugar, Diet Coke, Sprite, Minute Maid Light, Mello Yello, Barq’s Root Beer, Hi-C Flashin’ Fruit Punch, Fanta Orange and Powerade Mountain Berry Blast. To get a limited time, Arby’s is additionally offering a Coke Float to celebrate the new partnership.

“We are proud to now pour Coca-Cola products at Arby’s menu with prices across the usa. These are amazing partners with amazing brands,” says Rob Lynch, President of Arby’s. “We’re noted for big, meaty sandwiches and variety which is unparalleled inside our industry. We now have an incredible range of Coca-Cola beverages that perfectly complements our menu.”

“We’re excited to welcome Arby’s for the Coca-Cola family,” adds Kathleen Ciaramello, president of Coca-Cola Canada And America Foodservice and On-Premise. “Our two brands create a great pair and we look ahead to bringing a variety of delicious and refreshing Coca-Cola beverages to Arby’s guests nationwide.”

Arby’s and Coca-Cola distributed their large news inside the largest possible way: producing the greatest ad. The advert, which scans, “Arby’s Now Has Coke” and actions 212,000 sq . ft . (almost 5 acres), has become officially recognized by GUINNESS Planet RECORDS because the Greatest advertising. Although it looks proper to make this news in a large city like xkddhy York or La, Arby’s chose to show the advert in Monowi, Neb., the littlest town in the united states, inhabitants: one. Elsie Eiler, Monowi’s lone citizen, mayor, bartender and librarian, has become a very pleased Arby’s and Coca-Cola customer her entire existence.

Busting one particular GUINNESS WORLD Information name just wasn’t enough, so prior to unveiling the greatest ad, Arby’s teased the big statement by developing the Smallest ad together with Georgia Tech’s Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology (IEN). Utilizing a focused ion ray, Georgia Technical designers imprinted “A huge news is coming. This isn’t it.” onto a sesame seed from an Arby’s bun. The ad measured 38.3um by 19.2um, or 735.36 sq micron in area, and it has been formally acknowledged with all the GUINNESS Community RECORDS name in the Most compact advertisement. The Smallest ad was displayed inside an Arby’s in America’s greatest area, New York. Arby’s friends in the 32 E 23rd Saint. cafe in Manhattan could actually look at the tiniest advert using a Checking Electron Microscope provided by Hitachi-HTA.